ResNET Registration Info

    This page is for registering game systems and media players only. To register a game system or media player, you need to fill this information in from your computer not the game system.

    Please enter your campus NET-ID username and password.

    If you don't know your e-mail username and password go to the help page.

    Then enter your system's hardware address. If you don't know how to find the hardware address click the link below.

    User Name:

    System Type:
    System Hardware Address: (Example: 00:10:A3:B2:3C:EE)
    Don't know your systems hardware address?

Please read the acceptable usage policy for the UW-Whitewater residential network below and click the accept button to agree to all terms and conditions mentioned.

Acceptable Network Usage Policy

The Residential Network (ResNET) program provides access to the campus computing facilities, including electronic mail and the Internet, a world-wide collection of independent computer networks. All uses of ResNet must conform to the UW-Whitewater Computing and Network Usage Policy. Upon connecting your computer to UW Whitewater's network, there are additional standards that you must adhere to. Violation of any of the following standards may result in your immediate disconnection from the service.

Legal issues and commercial use:

Shared Drives and directories:


Workstation Configuration and Network Administration:

Network Hardware:



Harassment through electronic means is still harassment. Anyone using the network to harass others (as defined in university policy) will be subject to termination of connection as well as any other sanction deemed necessary by the University.

Use of or connection to ResNET constitutes acceptance of these policies. Any violations of these standards can result in disciplinary actions as described in the Residence Life Living Guide, as well as the immediate loss of network access, including Internet and file server privileges.

These policies approved and updated by the ResNet steering committee on 1/15/00.

By clicking "Accept" you signify that you have read and will abide by the terms of the acceptable network usage policy